Will AI improve our lives, take our jobs or kill us all?

This week Cam and Mikki debate how healthy it is to run long distances as we age.

Cam digs a bit deeper into AI and discusses some new ideas about whether narrow or broad AI models are better.

Mikki has started her brand new intensive nutrition program called Master Your Metabolism and has a small group of committed clients getting started on some brand new material.

Cam is building a set of endurance calculators that any coach can embed on their website for their clients to use instead of having to send them to other websites to calculate important endurance sport metrics and values like training zones, race predictions, etc.

Cam has a difficult experience with an athlete on the Training Tilt but is getting much better at compartmentalizing when this happens

If you want to learn more about Cam and Mikki and their businesses you can go to https://mikkiwilliden.com or https://trainingtilt.com

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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
PhD, Registered nutritionist, Auckland NZ; Podcast 🎙 Mikkipedia. Fitter Radio cohost; avid runner & advocate of whole food & great coffee. 😎
Will AI improve our lives, take our jobs or kill us all?
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