Wave Pools and Truth Bombs

Mikki is back from Los Angeles and we are back at the Beer spot in person

New Zealand has just been hit by a cyclone and in recovery mode.

Cam runs us through his experience with Kale Brock and the Surfers Road Map

Cam just had one of his business coaching calls this morning with Dan Martell with is the boss man of coaching. Dan was next level compared to his coaching team. Dan is very direct, to the point and really zeros in to what each founder needs to do to move forward.

Mikki shares a difficult interaction she had with an unhappy customer. We talked about how to deal with that sort of situation by learning what you can from a complaining customer, making improvements where you can but moving on quickly without dwelling.

Planning is underway for our trip to Florida and Texas in May. In typical fashion Mikki has already planned all her flights and movements including gym sessions, and daily walks. Cam is barely starting to think about it.

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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
PhD, Registered nutritionist, Auckland NZ; Podcast 🎙 Mikkipedia. Fitter Radio cohost; avid runner & advocate of whole food & great coffee. 😎
Wave Pools and Truth Bombs
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