The Perfect Day

Just a heads up in this episode we discuss sensitive themes around suicide. Cam had an experience last week in relation to an attempted suicide. All things considered the story ends well.

Besides that Cam discusses how he is trying to get better at his podcasting and presenting skills. He shares that he doesn't actually talk that much so has a lot to improve, but then proceeds to talk for the whole episode.

Mikki is now back from the US and is about to head to Melbourne on holiday.

Cam talks about executing a perfect day where on "Adventure Wednesdays" he attempts to fit in companionship, recreation, and work all into a single day.

Cam and Mikki are both working on the website which may or may not be switched over to the new site by the time you read these notes.

If you want to learn more about Cam and Mikki and their businesses you can go to or

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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
PhD, Registered nutritionist, Auckland NZ; Podcast 🎙 Mikkipedia. Fitter Radio cohost; avid runner & advocate of whole food & great coffee. 😎
The Perfect Day
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