Minus 10 in Colorado

Mikki calls in from just outside Denver Colorado from a good craft beer spot. Her planned walk to the venue was foiled by minus 10 degree centigrade weather.

Cam seems to have lost a week to black hole and hasn't made progress since the last podcast. He has been able to refocus his marketing efforts though based on a great business call with his coaching group. The head coach Dan Martell was on the call and did a great job of distilling down what's required based on different metrics of your business.

We have a discussion about lead generation and lead nurturing and how important it is to nurture potential new customers so they begin to know, like and trust you instead of trying to sell things to people when you are still a stranger.

Cam points out that marketing is not the same as advertising which is a common misconception.

He wrote a blog to cover that off


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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
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Minus 10 in Colorado
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