How to get motivated to get motivated

Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to do the work. Sometimes because it's Monday, some times just because.

Cam and Mikki discuss how doing the work is sometime what's required first before you can start enjoying the work. It's apparent that the most successful people out there are those that do the work consistently regardless of how they feel and how they are motivated.

A week back in country has at least seen some great weather. This pod episode is remote over Zoom but we are looking forward to getting back in touch in person next week, hopefully at a brewery.

Business wise, Mikki is getting a head start on her next big program and Cam is feeling the pressure (in a good way) of is smaller sized coaching group and has his next session tomorrow.

Cam's focusing on promoting his next webinar designed to help coaches integrate this new wave of AI technology into their businesses. And not just the obvious things around AI generated training plans and analysis but also making everyday tasks faster and easier to complete.

If you are a coach please register for the webinar here

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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
PhD, Registered nutritionist, Auckland NZ; Podcast 🎙 Mikkipedia. Fitter Radio cohost; avid runner & advocate of whole food & great coffee. 😎
How to get motivated to get motivated
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