Do chickens wear coats or jackets?

Mikki and Cam catch up in Browns Bay for this episode.

They debate on whether chickens wear coats or jackets, but either way Mikki always takes them off before eating hers

Cam debates on whether he should be continuing with his current business coaching group or should move on to something else.

Cam outlines the book he's been reading called Traction that covers 19 different traction channels to find new customers early in your business. There are two books in business called Traction, this is the Gabriel Weinberg one.

Cam tells a story he heard on the Startups for the Rest of us podcast about "The Armageddon Beer"

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Mikki Williden
Mikki Williden
PhD, Registered nutritionist, Auckland NZ; Podcast 🎙 Mikkipedia. Fitter Radio cohost; avid runner & advocate of whole food & great coffee. 😎
Do chickens wear coats or jackets?
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