This week we are at Browns Bay Brewing Company for a bit of craft beer tasting and business updates!

Cam's putting the final touches on his new endurance calculators that any coach can embed on their website. Cam admits he's  procrastinating getting it over the line and he often gets to 80% of a project and starts to lose interest. He needs to push through and get this over the line and out into the wild to see if it works as a channel for getting more potential new coaches to the website.

Mikki is busy busy writing lots of content for her mentorship program and also in parallel getting everything ready for Mondays Matter in May.

It's not long before Cam heads of to Hawaii for two weeks holiday before meeting up with Mikki in Austin.

Cam's business coaching group have created a new fast track program to capture people that haven't quite managed to graduate to the next level of the coaching group and Cam is considering joining the new program. It's a lot more expensive but will be with a much smaller group of maximum of 12 peeps with weekly calls so could end up being good value. As it happens it also includes an in person event in Boston that is just a day after Cam and Mikki end their Texas trip and Cam hasn't booked his flight home yet. Could be a sign as things fall into place.

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