Welcome to "On the Line" where hosts Cam Langsford and Mikki Williden bring you insights and discussions about their businesses and the challenges they face, as well as touch on topics related to endurance fitness, health, wellness and craft beer.

Cam is the owner of Training Tilt, a software platform that helps triathlon and endurance coaches improve the performance of their athletes and businesses. Mikki is a nutritionist who helps people achieve their weight loss and confidence goals through online nutrition coaching and meal planning.

Each week, Cam and Mikki get together to chat about their business experiences and share ideas and insights on entrepreneurship and the ups an downs of being your own boss, as well as discuss various aspects of endurance fitness, health, and wellness. They also share their experiences traveling to endurance events and business conferences around the world.

When they're not recording their podcast on the go, Cam and Mikki can be found meeting up at local Auckland craft breweries to record their episodes and sample some great craft beer, which they might even discuss on the show. Tune in to "On the Line" for a fun and casual conversation about business, entrepreneurship, endurance fitness, health, and wellness. Oh and craft beer.

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